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Kuan CollinsPrachi Sukhatankar
Top CliftonStrengths: Futuristic, Learner, Activator, Command & Self-Assurance
Top CliftonStrengths: Strategic, Achiever, Futuristic, Learner & Input
Dr. Kuan Collins is Executive Director for Digital Innovation at Axient Corporation. In this role she is responsible for leading and driving Axient’s digital transformation and innovation investments and solutions for all customer segments across the company.

Previously, Dr. Collins was a Fellow, solutions architect master, and Innovation Factory Director in Huntsville for SAIC. In this role she was responsible for leading and driving SAIC’s digital transformation and innovation investments and solutions for the Defense and Civilian Sector. 

Kuan joined SAIC in 2003 and was previously a Solutions VP for SAIC’s Software and Analytics practice, where she led the solutioning for several complex captures across multiple sectors.  

She draws on her judgment and expertise in the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures, derived from a Ph.D. and 23 years of experience, to develop technical strategies, architectures, and road maps, and solve complex total system problems for intelligent software and analytics customers. 

Kuan is a mentor at University of Alabama Huntsville Invention to Innovation Center (I2C), helping startups understand how to do business with System Integrators, and the Federal Government. 

Kuan holds an executive Doctor of Business Administration from the University of Maryland Global Campus. Her dissertation was on intra-organizational collaboration and the factors that lead to higher quality collaboration to develop better products, process and services. This mission to innovate started with her dissertation.

Areas of Interest: Blockchain; Artificial Intelligence; Augmented Analytics; Harnessing Innovation, Collaboration and Creativity; Scouting and Strategy

Specialties: Program Management, Systems Engineering, Client Relationships, Leadership, Task Management, Customer Satisfaction, Goal-oriented Planning
Prachi Sukhatankar is a technology and innovation executive who has taken diverse leadership roles over a span of 20 years, guiding the strategy, engineering, go-to-market, delivery and brand of solutions across domains like environment, infrastructure, public health, education, defense and more.

As a VP at Booz Allen, Prachi leads the strategy & solutions within the climate change mitigation and adaptation mission areas. As Amentum’s VP, Prachi led the technology strategy and solutions by leveraging Analytics/AI/automation and Predictive Mx. Previously, she was a Technical Fellow at SAIC and also led initiatives in Advanced Analytics, Big data and Software.

Prachi combines human-centered design, Agile and workplace collaboration approaches to drive entrepreneur-style innovation. She holds a Master’s in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and executive education in design thinking & innovation, data science, and leadership. She has served in leadership and mentor positions for organizations like Northern Virginia Technology Council and Women In Technology.

Prachi believes in a growth mindset and enjoys creative writing including SciFi prototyping, dabbling in dance forms, and being a dependable friend.

Areas of Interest: Analytics/Automation/AI, Smart Infrastructure/IoT, Software/Web, Human-centered Design, Entrepreneurship, Creative Living

Specialties: Technology Strategy, Product/Solution Development, Innovation Ecosystems & Adoption, Cross-functional Leadership, Technology Brand, ClimateTech Enabler

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