Samaya — Our Mission

Our vision is to bring multi-dimensional thinking, acceleration and inspiration to the innovation ecosystem to accomplish practices towards human and societal wellbeing.

“Samaya” means a system of teaching and the conduct required of a practitioner.
Samaya reflects our deep commitment to bring our vision to life.

Through Samaya Studio:
— We discuss the Why?, How? and Who? of the Innovation ecosystem
— We explore Intersections between disciplines, ideas and technologies
— We help organizations and communities understand and embrace a culture of innovation
— We act as translators and build bridges between business and technology, and practitioners and scholars

As such, we are on a quixotic mission to foster the innovation ecosystem. Don Quixote was an old man with dementia who thought he could save the world from an epidemic of incivility simply by acting like a knight. His religion was decency, and he spent a lifetime fighting its enemies. We are inspired by this as it applies to the world trying to figure out how to create cultures of innovation. At the root of this culture are “Intersections” – the serendipitous sparking of ideas that happens when people gather and minds meld. It is this type of engagement that we aspire for within our teams, organizations and communities. Finally, we are humbled by the recognition that when we dream of a better world, it simply starts with a more mindful version of your own self that in turn just naturally shines a light on our universal interconnectedness. Follow Samaya Studio on LinkedIn for regular updates and content.

Kuan Collins
We met at work and the mutual respect turned into a great friendship over the years. To get to know us a little bit, see About Us. Prachi Sukhatankar

Intersections: Mission To InnovateTM

Our planet is facing rapidly changing priorities and challenges, including the global pandemic, economic disruption, civil unrest, and a bewildering tsunami of new technologies and tools. Increasing expectations from consumers to deliver services at speed and a high-quality user experience demand digital transformation that can be accelerated by a culture of innovation and collaboration. The “Together is better” mindset is required across all technology and business domains to create a seamless and connected innovation ecosystem that drives agility, adaptability, trust, and transparency. Our first project is an exciting series of dialogues – Intersections: Mission to InnovateTM – where we discuss topics that are critical for all organizations to understand to achieve high-quality collaboration and ultimately a culture of innovation. This was produced as a podcast series in collaboration with UAH I²C (University of Alabama Huntsville’s Invention to Innovation Center).

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